Policies and Fees


50 minute psychotherapy session


90 minute Accelerated Resolution Therapy session


75 minute family psychotherapy for technology addiction session


1-day EMDR weekend intensives

$2500 & UP


I am considered out of network for the purposes of billing. I accept debit or credit cards for services and it is necessary that a card be on file to book an appointment.

Through your Patient Portal, you will receive a monthly Superbill, which is a breakdown of services rendered that you can submit to your insurance company to possibly obtain partial or full reimbursement. However, every carrier is different – If your ability to receive services is contingent on insurance reimbursement, please contact your insurance provider to verify benefits prior to any appointments.

When you talk to your insurance company

I recommend asking about reimbursement rates for the following codes:

50 minute psychotherapy session

CPT 90834

75 minute family psychotherapy session

CPT 90847

EMDR intensives

CPT 90837

Cancelation Policy

Sessions Must Be Canceled 48 Business Hours in Advance to Avoid Incurring a Charge. Missed Sessions Are Billed at the Full Fee.